Days Gone By [Audio] – Hillsong Young & Free

Days Gone By

Words and Music by
Ben Tan & Karina Wykes
© 2018 Hillsong Music Publishing
CCLI: 7109513

I walked the world afar
Built up a thousand walls
To try and hide away
I searched to find my soul
A journey far from home
Lost in a life I’d made
And I’d been ‘round in circles
Living for the moment
I know I ran so far
Was acting kind of crazy
Coming up with empty
Felt like I lost my heart

Now I’ve found a love that
Is clearer than the deep blue skies
It’s true You were right there
I can see it in the days gone by

I see You in the days gone by
Your promise never left my side
I know sometimes I tried to give up
Still You caught me when I fell from high
I see You in the days gone by

You took my fragile fate
And didn’t hesitate
Your love in every scar
Passion with no restraints
Held back the darkest days
So now my life is Yours
You’ve got me when I’m broken
You’re with me when I’m hopeless
I know You’re never far
Your mercy has no ending
It perseveres unfailing
You’ll always have my heart

See You in the days gone by
See You in the days gone by
And I need You everyday ‘cause

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